How to Lower Your Cholesterol: A Revolutionary Chilean Invention

How to Lower Your Cholesterol: A Revolutionary Chilean Invention

The Growing Concern of High LDL Cholesterol

High LDL cholesterol, often referred to as ‘bad cholesterol’, is a leading risk factor for cardiovascular disease, accounting for a significant number of deaths worldwide. The good news? Up to 80% of these cases can be prevented through proper measures. So, how can you lower your cholesterol? Let's explore a groundbreaking solution that combines innovation with a natural plant-based substance.

The Importance of Phytosterols in Lowering Cholesterol

Phytosterols are key compounds produced by plants that are known to reduce cholesterol levels. However, the challenge lies in their scarcity in everyday foods. Industrial fatty foods like margarines and dairy products contain only small concentrations of phytosterols. To reach the recommended daily dose, one would have to consume an impractical amount of yoghurt or other phytosterol-rich foods, which would raise one’s calorie and fat intake.

The Chilean Breakthrough: Cardiosmile

A group of young Chilean professionals, including engineers, biochemists, and designers, recognised the need for innovation in the area of cholesterol management. After more than a decade of research, they created Cardiosmile, a world-first product that allows the addition of phytosterols directly to meals in the form of small liquid sachets.

Optimal Dosage: Each sachet provides 2 grams per day, the optimal amount for effective cholesterol reduction.

Natural Sources: Cardiosmile is equivalent to the phytosterols found in 425 tomatoes, 210 carrots, or 150 apples.

Proven Effectiveness: A clinical study in Canada showed that this supplement inhibits LDL cholesterol by an average of 12% and lowers triglycerides by 14% if taken daily for a month. (Amir Shaghagi et al. 2014, Journal of Functional Foods, 6:280-289.)

Suitable for Almost Everyone: Cardiosmile is free of fats, calories, gluten, lactose, sodium, and GMOs, with no side effects.

How to Lower Your Cholesterol with Cardiosmile

Cardiosmile offers a natural and convenient way to lower your cholesterol. Here's how you can incorporate it into your daily routine:

Daily Consumption: Take one sachet daily for at least a month.

Combine with a Healthy Lifestyle: Maintain a balanced diet and active life for optimal results.

Observe the Results: Effectiveness may be observed after only three weeks of daily consumption (confirmed by lipid profile). 

Building on Our Success

Cardiosmile's success has exceeded expectations, and currently we are reaching new customers in countries as far and wide as Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, the United States, England, Spain, France, Italy, and Australia.

Conclusion: A Natural Solution to a Global Problem

Cardiosmile represents a significant step in the global effort to reduce cholesterol naturally. By making phytosterols accessible and convenient, it offers a promising solution for those wondering how to lower their cholesterol. With continued growth and innovation, Cardiosmile is poised to make a positive impact on heart health worldwide.

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