Cardiosmile is a unique product globally, offering a way to add phytosterols directly to any food of your choice without having to consume additional fats. This sets it apart from other phytosterol-added products like margarines and dairy items. Each CardioSmile sachet contains 2000 mg of free phytosterols in water, the necessary amount to aid cholesterol reduction, with results noticeable after 28 days of use.

What is Cholesterol?

  • Cardiosmile is the only natural product on the market that can reduce LDL cholesterol by 12% and triglycerides by 14%.

  • A clinical study from the University of Los Andes, Chile, revealed that Cardiosmile consumption led to an average waist reduction of 4 cm in 6 months.

  • Clinical studies from the University of Manitoba, Canada, show Cardiosmile's effectiveness after 28 days of use, maintained with daily consumption of one sachet.

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How do phytosterols work?

Phytosterols are naturally occurring compounds found in plants, known since the 1960s for their ability to lower LDL cholesterol. Consuming 2000 mg of phytosterols daily can reduce cholesterol by approximately 10 to 15%, according to several meta-analyses.

  • Phytosterols compete with cholesterol for absorption in the intestines, resulting in less cholesterol entering the small intestine's epithelial cells, also known as enterocytes.
  • The phytosterols that do not enter the bloodstream are expelled back into the intestinal lumen, along with a portion of unused cholesterol.
  • Phytosterols can co-crystallise with cholesterol in the intestine, preventing it from being incorporated into micelles.